Monthly Candle Subscription

Monthly Candle Subscription


Can't get enough?

Don't Sass Me Soy offers a monthly subscription. One 16 ounce, double wicked candle sent right to your door every month! The scent of this candle will only be available to purchase through the subscription, and announced monthly so you know what you're getting. 

We aren't your everyday subscription plan. We invoice you each month instead of using autopay. You'll know when and what you're paying for. No contracts, no commitment. 

These ship for a flat $5- which is still saving you at least a few dollars! If you want to add additional candles to the box you can place a separate order, and I will ship your subscription and your other candles together!

It's available to sign up now and it will ship towards the end of the month!*

When you receive your invoice each month, to order additional candles please place your subscription order and create a separate order! Shipping will only be calculated on the additional candles, and other than that it's no added charges. Your candles will all be shipped together. Subscriptions will ship around the 20th every month! (Orders placed / invoices paid after the 15th of the month will go towards the following month).

*If you would no longer want to receive your monthly subscription, please click on your invoice and opt out! Or simply ignore it until the the next month if you wish to skip a scent, but keep your membership open.


The DECEMBER Scent is:

a handful of marshmallows and a real live pine tree

– no amount of marshmallows is too much –

Top – buttercream
Middle – vanilla, cedarwood, birch
Base – marshmallow, pine needles  


Burn Time:
✼ 16 ounces - 80+ hours

Look how good I am:
✼ 100% soy wax made in the US
✼ vegan
✼ recyclable glass jar 
✼ 100% cotton wick
✼ non-toxic oils
✼ phthalate free
✼ hand-poured with an attitude problem

Are you going to take care of me or what?
✼ keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4" (cut off that little soot mushroom)
✼ make sure to melt the entire surface to get an even burn
✼ no one wants the fire department to show up, so please be careful
✼ AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: keep your wicks trimmed

Some stuff to keep in mind:
✼ soy wax can be high maintenance (just like the rest of us)
✼ each lot of wax holds dye differently so colors may vary a bit
✼ does your candle look frosty? nothing is wrong. soy wax does that sometimes, and it won't affect the burn whatsoever

Cleaning your jars post-sass:
✼ DO NOT MICROWAVE to remove excess wax (contains metal wick tabs)
✼ warm a little water in a pot on low to liquify remaining wax + dump it out
✼ take a spoon and pop metal wick tabs off of the bottom
✼ dish soap and warm water will clean it right out
✼ dumping melted wax down the drain is not recommended. leave your plumber out of this.

Recycle Your Jars:
✼ organizing crafty things
✼ layer different materials to plant succulents
✼ eat something out of it (after you wash it)
✼ store cotton balls, q-tips, chapstick, maybe nightstand snacks
✼ drink water out of it- we all know you probably need to drink more water