Pride 2023 Y'ALL MEANS Y'ALL Soy Candle

Rainbow Candle for Pride Donation | Don't Sass Me Soy



Light up your life [and space] with our Rainbow Pride Candle, a vibrant and meaningful addition to any home. With its beautiful spectrum of colors, this candle is a powerful symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and unity.

But it's not just a candle — it's a candle with a cause. Don't Sass Me Soy is proudly donating $5 of every Pride candle sold to LGBTQ+ organizations, supporting their tireless efforts in promoting equality, offering support and fostering acceptance.

Whether you're celebrating Pride Month, attending pride events, or simply showing your support year-round, our rainbow candle is the perfect choice. Join us in spreading love, acceptance, and inclusivity.

Get your Rainbow Candle today and illuminate your space with pride while making a difference in the LGBTQ+ community!

‣ TIKI TORNADO - bamboo, coconut + lime
‣ GIRL GANG - fresh peach + magnolia blossoms
‣ FIRESIDE - toasty marshmallows
‣ SOULMATE - sandalwood, caramel + cotton candy
‣ SAGE + CITRUS - white sage, lemon + lime


Available in 16 ounces.


Burn Time:
✼ 80+ hours

Look how good I am:
✼ 100% soy wax made in the US
✼ vegan
✼ recyclable glass jar 
✼ 100% cotton wick
✼ non-toxic oils
✼ phthalate free
✼ hand-poured with an attitude problem

Are you going to take care of me or what?
✼ keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4" (cut off that little soot mushroom)
✼ make sure to melt the entire surface to get an even burn
✼ no one wants the fire department to show up, so please be careful
✼ AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: keep your wicks trimmed

Some stuff to keep in mind:
✼ soy wax can be high maintenance (just like the rest of us)
✼ each lot of wax holds dye differently so colors may vary a bit
✼ does your candle look frosty? nothing is wrong. soy wax does that sometimes, and it won't affect the burn whatsoever

Cleaning your jars post-sass:
✼ DO NOT MICROWAVE to remove excess wax (contains metal wick tabs)
✼ warm a little water in a pot on low to liquify remaining wax + dump it out
✼ take a spoon and pop metal wick tabs off of the bottom
✼ dish soap and warm water will clean it right out
✼ dumping melted wax down the drain is not recommended. leave your plumber out of this.

Recycle Your Jars:
✼ organizing crafty things
✼ layer different materials to plant succulents
✼ eat something out of it (after you wash it)
✼ cotton balls, q-tips, chapstick, maybe nightstand snacks
✼ drink water out of it- we all know you probably need more water