REALLY GOOD Pure Soy Wax Melts



Pure soy tea lights. Each package holds 4 of your favorite candle scents hand-poured into recyclable 0.5 ounce cups. These will come wrapped up in paper like a roll of coins.

Each one of these little babies lasts for over 6 hours! I don't know if you've ever burned regular paraffin tea lights, but they only last 90 minutes. See photo to also see the difference in how they burn. There is so much wax left in the standard light! These soy ones burn evenly all they way down.


Available in ONE SIZE.


Burn Time:
✼ one tea light - 6+ hours

Look how good I am:
✼ 100% soy wax made in the US
✼ vegan
✼ recyclable polycarbonate tea light cup 
✼ non-toxic oils
✼ phthalate free
✼ hand-poured with an attitude problem

Are you going to take care of me or what?
✼ no one wants the fire department to show up, so please be careful

Some stuff to keep in mind:
✼ soy wax can be high maintenance (just like the rest of us)
✼ each lot of wax holds dye differently so colors may vary a bit
✼ does your wax melt frosty? nothing is wrong. soy wax does that sometimes, and it won't affect the melt whatsoever
✼ sometimes I'm heavy-handed and your pack will be full to the brim (bonus for you)

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